May 21st, 2017

Is it okay if I'm going to mass in...? 

Garments and styles of dress that you should avoid.

They say: «fashion does not bother» but there are "fads" which are certainly inappropriate, depending on the place, the environment and people. How much more care will put in a Christian atmosphere!

Is mainly  a form of a general criteria about the respect and love that Catholics have for the Eucharist. The way in which we dress reflects how much  we respect the host and the dignity of the event. Therefore, for example, that we present ourselves well dressed to a job interview, a gala banquet, a wedding or a funeral.

If Catholics understand the sublime significance of the Holy Mass, we should express the greatest respect in the form as we dress to come to church. If we do not we wear the best clothes for mass, do for whom do we reserve it? Let us remember that we not only speak with words but also with the language of our external attitudes (body language). That is why Jesus teaches us in the Gospel of St. Matthew:

“And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:  And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. -Matthew 22, 11-13

Certainly, Jesus wants to teach us that the dignity of the host, the event and place require more adequate and suitable arrangements!

What must we avoid dressing when we go to mass?

  1. Sports clothes (sport shirts of football teams)

If I want to go to the stadium to watch football, it is allowed. If I want to walk in the Park, it is allowed. But, when we to go to meet the Lord? This may create rivalry, annoyance, distraction or discomfort in the Assembly. In addition, it is well known that a sports garment is used in a sporting environment, therefore, we should avoid to take them to mass. Also men should avoid wearing sleeveless t-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets with signs, especially the rock groups or those who transmit messages of rebellion or Satanism. Which also bear skulls, demons or any degrading drawings and in general sagging pants, below the navel and shorts and disheveled clothes; for example, wrinkled or dirty.

2 Very short shorts or miniskirt

It is good for the beach. The Sun when it is heated can be unbearable, but to wear in the Church? Heat is not an excuse to dress as we want, even more, if you are hot, you will be able to offer it to the Lord as a sign of love for him. A short, or a miniskirt (in the case of a lady) is a garment that is quite striking in a group of people, how much more within the Church! You can talk about designs, sizes and colors, that does not matter so much. A skirt is fine, but a mini-skirt, is not. Also women should avoid wearing clothes that leaves the uncovered part of the abdomen, shorts, bermudas, bikes shorts, "tights" etc tight pants and in general any clothes adjusted skirts or dresses that leave the view part of the thighs. Transparent and reviling clothes, strapless tops or tops with strings.

3 Beach slippers

Although many do not believe it, happens. Especially in summer environments where mass is between my house and the beach. Always worthy! Let's not forget it. Although I take more time to change clothing and footwear, I will do it for the sake of the Lord. The summer flip-flops are for the beach, not for the Church. You get a more discreet shoe to go to mass and then you remove them yourself to go to the beach, what is the problem? Do not laziness or comfort intervene in dignity and sobriety that predominates in a Catholic Church. Also women should not wear provocative shoes.

4 Hats or caps

My mother said: «We do not use hats inside the house», and there it goes again, how much more in the House of God! Apart from avoiding covering the sight to the other brothers is a great sign of respect. When you are with someone important you take off your hat to salute, at least that’s the way it was before and it is something that we must not lose. Hats are for protection from the Sun, but inside a church, why would want a hat or cap to protect us? It is better to avoid it. You can remove and leave it next to your seat or under the kneeler. Bringing them to the Church is ok, but it is inappropriate to use them inside.

5 Necklines or open shirts

This is part of the fashion of this century. The premise is apparently «the more you show your body, the better». Not so among Christians. We know that the body is a gift from God, is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore, protect it with caution. We do not go around showing ourselves to everyone, this could encourage distraction and aggravation in others. Sincerely, do you not dislike a little see the street parades of young people dressed like that, how much more in the Church! We are well dress, but with dignity. Open, half transparent clothing is best to leave at home. Our premise is "while most worthy, the better».

Now, since we have considered the previous rules and our how we dress is already decent, there are two extremes that we must avoid:

The first is the ostentatious attire. The mass is not a social gathering, not a chance to show off. It is not the opportunity to be admired or observed. It is the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, as we accompany Him on Calvary. The host is God, in Him we must focus attention and not in others. It is best not to draw attention with the clothing, or for being immodest, not being ostentatious. It is part of the humility with which we will praise, thanks and supplication to God.

The second is disheveled clothing. Sunday is usually a day of rest, day spent at home, with the family.  We must not put the week's suit, heels, nor other work attire.  However, it is a mistake to believe that being Sunday, we can go sloppy to mass. It is a lack of respect to our Savior to attend as if we didn't care. If a King has us invited to a banquet at his palace surely we would not shorts, pants, flip-flops, as when we are out shopping or washing the car.

So what is ideal to go to mass clothing?

A form of dressing discreetly, but special. Before people and also the children had their "Sunday dress". It was certainly her best dress, not used by any other day for tasks from home or school. Usually on Sunday people dressed in a special way because it was the day dedicated to God.

Let's not forget the most important outfit, the soul. When going to  mass let us take care  and carry our beautiful soul,  that we are pure and clean on the inside as on the outside. Let us get closer to the confession and communion.

«Each Holy Mass has an infinite immense value, which we cannot understand completely: It makes happy all the Heavenly Court, it relieves the poor souls in purgatory, it attracts all sorts of blessings on the Earth, and gives more glory to God than all of the sufferings of the martyrs together, of all the penance of the Saints, all the tears they shed since the beginning of the world and whatever you do until the end of the centuries "(Holy Curé of Ars).

Let us be worthy to meet the Lord!

By: H. Edgar Henriquez Carrasco, LC. | Source: Catholic-link.com

Article originally published in Catholic-link



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